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Training Services

Private training programs designed to alleviate your frustrations FAST using the most current, humane and compassionate methods.
“Throughout our sessions together, we were consistently impressed by Becky’s patience, kindness, and expertise. She was always willing to answer our questions and provide us with actionable steps to continue working with our dog at home."
~ The Mendonca Family and Coco

You want a dog who is a pleasure to have in your home and in your community

The secret is teaching them to love learning

All of my programs are laser-focused on teaching dogs to love making good choices. Understanding your pup's motivations and individuality is a critical part of my method.

In addition to resolving behavioral frustrations, you will walk away from training with a deeper understanding of your dog and how to effectively communicate and connect with them. And your dog will have a deeper understanding of you and how to appropriately communicate and connect with you!


Schedule a Discovery Call

Think we're a fit? The discovery call is a no obligation, free get-to-know-you session. We will go over the details of your needs and choose the perfect package for your situation. 


Enroll & Onboard

Yay! We're a match! We process payment and intake forms conveniently over the phone. Once that's done, we will schedule out your first few sessions. Our policies, contract, program outline and receipt will come to you via email.


The work (& fun) begins!

Here comes the transformation! Most clients see a difference in their dog's behavior after our very first session! 


in 5 weeks

About the program:

You’ll learn a proven process and receive a customized plan for new puppy owners to reduce overwhelm, improve their puppy’s behavior, and regain tranquility in your home.

  • The whole family will be on the same page for their dog’s training. 

  • Immediate relief from puppy behaviors such as nipping, jumping, and chewing.

  • Confidence in what you’re doing and how you’re handling your puppy. 

  • Your household will be properly set up to manage your new puppy inside and out. 

  • Prevent problems at the groomer and vet through appropriate socialization.

What's included:

  • (15) Private Training Lessons

    • (5) Coaching sessions (with you and your puppy)​

    • (10) Tutoring sessions (with your dog while you work or play)

      • Including (5) puppy-safe field trips​

4 month old white lab puppy inside coffee shop wearing red Service Dog Vest Sitting smilin

Who this program is for:

People who need help managing their new addition's biting, scratching, chewing or house-soiling AND want to give their puppy the very best start in training and socialization.

For pups under 6 months

basic obedience
Image by Arjan Stalpers

Who this program is for:

People at the end of their leash with their dog's rude habits, embarrassing behaviors and inability to pay attention.

For all dogs older than 6 months, especially adolescents and new rescues.

Rowdy to Relaxed
in 6 weeks

About the program:

You’ll learn the proven process I use to turn a rambunctious young dog into an attentive, engaged companion with a customized training plan for your specific goals.

  • Be proud of your dog’s behavior around friends and family. 

  • Relax knowing your dog will listen and won’t embarrass you. 

  • Build a life-long, close bond quickly and easily.

What's included:

  • (19) Private Training Lessons

    • (6) Coaching Sessions (with you and your dog)​

    • (13) Tutoring Sessions (with your dog while you work or play)

      • Including up to (6) field trips​

in 8 weeks

About the program:

Learn the proven systems and techniques that can dramatically improve your dog’s behavior, bring joy back into your relationship, and eliminate embarrassing outbursts. 

  • Confidently walk your dog through your neighborhood with pep in your step. 

  • Take your pup out and about with the skills and tools to handle any situation. 

  • Have a dog that is predictable and easy to handle. 

  • Eliminate frustration, concern, and anxiety created by your dog’s behavior. 

  • Be guided through the training experience with an educated and empathetic professional that holds your success and long-term results as a top priority.

What's included:

  • (24) Private Training Lessons

    • (8) Coaching Sessions (with you and your dog)​

    • (16) Tutoring Sessions (with your dog while you work or play)

      • Including up to (9) field trips​

    • (2) In-Person Follow-up Sessions

Image by Charles C. Collingwood

Who this program is for:

People who are struggling with their dog's concerning behaviors including reactivity and issues on leash.

For dogs of all ages.



What can be done in just 14 days?

Transformation Training is for problems you need gone yesterday. Each program is two weeks and hyper-focused on a single huge issue. These are pet tutoring programs and involve more hands-on training time with me than any other offering. This is the fastest, most effective path to relief for these select major problem behaviors. 

If your dog is a terror on the leash, a menace at the door or plagued by restlessness, Transformation Training is what you're looking for.

What's included:

  • (25) Hours of in-home training

    • (3) Coaching sessions (with you and your dog)​

    • (10) Extended two-hour tutoring sessions (with your dog while you work or play)​​

    • (2) In-person follow-up sessions

Dog pulling on leash

Leash Walking Transformation

Say goodbye to arm strain, and hello to enjoyable walks with your well-behaved companion.

​For dogs who need to learn:

  • to be attentive to you

  • to stay close to you

  • to focus around distractions

Jumping Transformation

No more embarrassment, frustration or knocking over Grandma! 

​For dogs who need to learn:

  • to give people space at the door

  • to greet guests politely

  • to wait patiently for food and attention

Settling Transformation*

The constant roving and seeking stimulation can be a thing of the past! You'll have a more peaceful and stress-free household with your newly relaxed pup.

For dogs who need to learn:​

  • when attention and play are not available

  • how to be bored

  • how to be still and relaxed

*While a vet check before training is always a good idea, Settling Transformation REQUIRES a vet check. Details to be discussed during our call.



No pressure or obligation. :)

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