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Becky Maxwell Professional Dog Trainer holding young puppy getting kisses _ Certified Prof

About Love My Dog Trainer

Enriching human lives by helping dogs become their best selves through compassionate training and behavioral solutions

Rude habits, dangerous behaviors and frustrating disobedience get in the way of enjoying life with our pets. I founded Love My Dog Trainer because I saw the need for smart, kind, modern solutions to these issues. Where other trainers reach for corrections, I seek to understand both you and your dog so we can make real lasting changes anchored in mutual respect, understanding and love.

Certified Professional Dog Trainer- Knowledge Assessed
American Kennel Club AKC Evaluator Canine Good Citizen
AKC Approved Evaluator
Association of Professional Dog Trainers
Association of Professional Dog Trainers APDT Member_edited.png
Petco Positive Dog Training.png
Petco Mentor University Graduate
Fear Free- Shelter Certified
I am Becky Maxwell CPDT-KA, I help people by helping their dogs, and I am passionate about nurturing deeper connections through positive training

I began my career in the pet industry as a bather in a grooming salon in early 2010. Soon, I realized that, while working hands-on with dogs is wonderful, my real passions are behavior, people and the human-animal connection. By the end of the year, I was taking my first clients as a fledgling dog trainer. Since then I have grown through both experience and dedicated self-education. I am a voracious learner and a scientist at heart. When posed a difficult question, I delight in saying “I don’t know, but I will find out!”.

Working with family pets, rescues and service dogs, I have been struck by the growing numbers of dogs struggling to adapt to our modern lifestyle. I was seeing more and more dogs with issues beyond what many families could manage. They were desperately sending their beloved pets away to "boot camps" where training is done behind closed doors using who knows what methods. I was heartbroken seeing these dogs coerced into reluctant, robotic obedience with old-school, punitive methods. Training should never break your dog's spirit. 

And so, Love My Dog Trainer was born, because every dog should love their dog trainer. Positive methods result in dogs who love to listen, learn, and who consistently make good choices. And the best part is the results last because we take the time to really, truly teach. 

What Clients Say

"Becky is amazing! I worked along side her for a few months working with Service Dogs for veterans. She continually practiced patience, diligence, and compassion with the dogs she worked with. She is incredibly knowledgeable and really understands the “why” behind behavior."
Handsome black rescue Pit Bull with white chest wearing a black service dog vest laying in
~ Shannon N.
Compassion first- always

Training is all about relationships and relationships can be challenging! No matter how frustrating, forceful and punitive training methods are not the answer. Compassionate methods are just as effective with less risk of harming your bond with your best friend.

Science-based approach

The dog training industry is rife with superstition and unfounded beliefs. Add to that the lack of professional standards and certifications, and you have a recipe for disappointment. You can be confident in my proven strategies backed by industry leaders and researchers.

Collaboration and communication

Unlike many trainers, I love to listen as much as I love to talk! You and I will work as a team to help your dog become their best self. Text and email support is included in every package and I want you to reach out to me the moment you have a question or concern.



No pressure or obligation. 

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